Our consultations primarily serve our clients for the subsequent commissioned compositions and/or music productions. However, we also offer the possibility to give consultations independently from our other services. However, these are then subject to a fee. We help singers, instrumentalists and music groups to find out which strengths they have and which music styles and musical concepts would suit them. This includes both an analysis that we create for the consultation, with the respective strengths / skills or given weaknesses of each artist, as well as the consideration of their goals and musical preferences and their personal tastes.



In case of dispute, an expert opinion prepared by a competent expert can be very helpful. Dr. Vahid Matejko is a graduate composer/arranger as well as a doctor of musicology and an experienced music producer with many music products available on the international market. Thus, you will receive qualified expert opinions from an artistic as well as a scientific point of view. In the event of a dispute, this will be of great help to you and your lawyer in clarifying the musical facts of the case.

Assessments can be provided on:

  • Disputes in commissioned compositions
  • Disputes in music productions
  • Disputes concerning artistic music authoring activities
  • Disputes concerning school or university examinations