We offer complete packages in which we specially compose/arrange your desired music in consultation with you and produce it for you. But we also produce your own songs or instrumental compositions that you bring to us. For songs not composed/arranged by us, we offer a review of the realization before production begins.

If we find out that the compositions are faulty and correction is necessary, we offer you additional correction, composition and arrangement services to guarantee the feasibility of the project. If we determine from the beginning that a production is not feasible due to the composition or would fail in the end due to the quality of the singing or recording, we will inform you of this before we begin and will also refuse to accept this order, since fairness is the most important basis and we value having satisfied customers in the end.

For smaller productions and single recordings with singers/soloists and single recording studio musicians we use our own recording studio. Great importance is attached to the recording quality. The recordings are therefore made exclusively with very high quality studio equipment and first class microphones and preamplifiers in recording rooms with very good acoustics. On special request, studios and locations of your choice can also be rented worldwide.

Process of our productions

  • Joint discussion / consultation and planning of production
  • Joint decision on the method of production and the integration of studio musicians and/or predominantly electronic production with sample sounds (depending on style and budget): 

    As a singer or solo instrumentalist , after the joint discussion / planning and placing of the order, you don't need to do anything other than to appear to our agreed apointment and sing or play over the finished produced playback. Of course you will get coached by us and leaded to the optimal result.

  • Additional arrangements are possible upon request, such as string, choir, or brass sections

  • Procurement of all necessary studio musicians and/or singers and their recording:    From individual guitarists, singers, choirs, saxophonists to big bands, strings or entire orchestras for the optimal sound result. Depending on the size of the budget and musical style, the production can either be completely started by different studio musicians or fewer musicians are engaged and their recordings are supplemented by sample sounds from other instruments. We have a large pool of top-class, studied musicians who are included in our productions. Some of our studio musicians have, among other things. Also worked with Stevie Wonder, Seals, Takte That, Phil Collins, Rihanna , Udo Lindenberg, Ray Charles, Bap, Klaus Doldinger, Wolfgang Petry, Andrea Berg, Westernhagen and other greats from show business.

  • Electronic production with sample sounds and sound effects:

    Sample sounds are sound recordings of single tones of real musical instruments that sound higher quality than midi and synthetic sounds. It is possible to create everything or large parts of the production with sample sounds on a small budget. In a lot of chart hits often all other instruments except the guitar tracks are sampled. All recordings are produced by our side with our high quality sample sound banks or added to the live recordings.

  • Production management/coaching and artistic supervision for all participants

  • Joint selection and cutting the best results of the recorded  singing/playing

  • Post-processing of the recordings/sound design
  • Final mixing and mastering For the final mixes, we only involve special sound engineers who are specially specialized in the sound design of this musical style.
  • Submission of the production in audio or Mp3 format.