Artistic profile

The national music press and the most renowned critics of various musical genres agree: Dr. Vahid Matejko is considered to be one of the most promising and interesting talents of the German music scene, both as a composer and as a producer. Moreover, he is one of the few artists who realize their own individual music, but who also realize commissioned works in various genres for different clients according to their wishes.

  • Studied jazz composition/arrangement at the Cologne University of Music. Diploma with distinction (1.0).
  • Doctorate in musicology at the University of Cologne. Graduation with magna cum laude (very good).
  • Release of more than 30 music productions with CD's and music books available on the international market so far as composer/arranger and producer (produced with some of the most renowned European star soloists).
  • Several Play-Along productions achieved multiple times the status of Bestseller No.1 in the Amazon sales lists among many other Top 10 placements there.

His compositions:

  • Are performed and played by various solo artists and groups worldwide
  • Are standard literature in many German and foreign music schools
  • Are often used as audition literature in Jugend Musiziert competitions
  • Are broadcasted not only in the USA, Canada and France but also on various German radio stations, sometimes with personal interviews (e.g. WDR, Deutsche Welle, Deutschlandfunk, Deutschland Kultur Radio, etc.)
  • Are chosen by students at high schools in various countries as topics for their exams concerning contemporary composers and their works.

Composer activities

  • Besides his own projects, Matejko works as a composer/arranger and producer with "Success Compositions Dr. Vahid Matejko" for singers, ensembles, bands, big bands, in various musical genres such as .e.g. Pop, Rock, Reggae, R&B, Schlager, Funk, Soul, Electronic Music, Classical Music, New Music, Afro-Pop, Ethno Projects, Jazz as well as compositions and productions of various film scores and creation of advertising jingles, as well as commissioned work for music publishers / record companies, etc..
  • In the triple role of composer/arranger and music producer Matejko worked among others with Prof. Keith Copeland, Prof. Heiner Wiberny, Prof. Igor Eppstein, Prof. Michael Nieseman, Prof. Harald Jers, Alfonso Garido, Thomas Schmitz, Claudio Puntin, Terence Ngassa, Frank Gratkowski, Mathias Striefl, Alfred Publishing and many others. Particularly noteworthy are also the works with various artists of different cultural origins and their musical styles (in these cases also often without the use of sheet music). In the role of arranger, among others, for Delil Dilanar (Kurdish national star No.1) and Jean Piere Valance (hit composer for Wolfgang Petry and Jürgen Drews).
  • Among his most artistically elaborate and demanding productions are his two personal composer albums: "Come Together" with 42 musicians from 15 countries and "Light Of Unity" with 59 musicians from 5 continents and 26 different countries, which combines works for the gigantic sound body of big band and orchestra.
  • The artist has received musical imprints from various stays around the globe, sometimes for several months, including Asia, Central Asia, South America, Africa and Eastern Europe, where he worked with musicians there and also came into strong contact with their way of life.

Teaching activities as lecturer and mentor

Dr. Vahid Matejko passes on his knowledge with much enthusiasm and idealism in various workshops/seminars,lectures and has a teaching experience of 24 years in teaching music. He also writes professional articles and teaching concepts for musicians, such as in his workshop series for the wind magazine "Clarino Print".

  • Founding of the "Academy for Composition Dr. Vahid Matejko" (live and online) with various professional training programs for aspiring composers, ranging from basics for beginners to specializations in the professional field.
  • Foundation of the Music School Dr. Matejko (Au/Sieg, Altenkirchen and online) with the aim to bring people of all ages and cultural as well as social backgrounds closer to the enthusiasm and joy of life through music and to encourage them according to their potentials.

More detailed information about some personal productions

"Come Together "with 42 musicians from 15 countries. This album quickly made Matejko known in the German jazz elite. Besides radio airplay in the USA, Canada, Germany and France among other countries, this production was extensively reviewed in the national music press by almost all German jazz magazines and also received recognition in the international music press. There were also television portraits about this work.

"Light Of Unity" with 59 musicians from 5 continents and 26 different countries, which combines both works for the gigantic sound body big band and orchestra, as well as completely new and unusual instrument combinations and style fusions of jazz, world music, modern classical music and other genres, as well as the integration of musical instruments of other cultures. This album also includes the "Oborido Suite" and "Iranian Journey".59 musicians include very internationally renowned soloists, such as Prof. Keith Copeland, Prof. Heiner Wiberny, Prof. Igor Epstein, Frank Gratkowski, Claudio Puntin, Prof. Michael Niesemann, Terence Ngassa, members of the ranks of the WDR Big Band Cologne, NDR Big Band, Bundes Jugend Jazzorchester, Munich Philharmonic, Berlin Rias Orchestra, Cologne Chamber Orchestra and many others.

Among his most personal works in the field of music books with CD productions are:

"Vahid Matejko's Klezmer Play-Alongs": with half-playback and full-playback CD, Vahid's original compositions and modern, as well as traditional arrangements (Klezmerfunk, Klezmerbalkan, Klezmerpunk, Klezmerpop etc...) with Klezmer Quartet.

Soloists: Claudio Puntin ( clarinets edition) Prof. Igor Epstein (violins edition)

Prof. Heiner Wiberny (flutes edition).

"Gregorian Chants For Mixed Choir" with CD, (own compositions and arrangements mixed with Gregorian and modern) sung with the choir "Vokalensemble CONSTANT" conducted by Harald Jers, in the Epiphanias Church in Cologne.


Another highlight was the premiere of the "Oborido Suite", lasting almost 20 minutes, in Cologne with an unprecedented instrumentation for oboe (played by Prof. Michael Niesemann), string quartet, digeridoo and 3 percussionists with djembe darabuka and congas.

These compositions also mix influences from Pygmy chants and their polyrhythms, Nordic canon chants, Aboriginal music, jazz, Iranian rhythms, as well as new music and many more.

An important key experience for Vahid was also the production of Vahid's composition "Iranian Journey".composed for the Iranian instruments: kamantsche (Iranian knee violin), tar, setar, basstar, daf and tombak, as well as the western instruments double bass and bass clarinet (played by Claudio Puntin). This piece combines various Iranian dastgahs with jazz structures, as well as new music influences later in the piece. Recording on this piece took about 3 months, as the Iranian artists had to memorize and practice their voices by auditioning on the piano. This opportunity has inspired Vahid to realize his compositions even more with musicians and instrumentalists from other cultures who do not have the approach of working with sheet music or lead sheets.