We offer all commissioned compositions and music productions in the film and media sector: From electronic music to jazz, rock, pop, classical, or world music (also orchestra or big band), all options are open to you with us as your partner. We cater to your wishes in terms of style and exquisitely write the right music on certain topics and the required emotions of your choice. If desired, also with directly finished final production possible, as well as the procurement of all studio musicians for the production or, depending on the budget, also as a pure sample-based electronic production. See music production for non-participating clients.


  • Film music compositions with finished music production
  • Music for reports
  • Music for advertising
  • Music for computer and mobile games
  • Music for websites
  • Music for apps

Composition and production process

  • Personal consultation and joint planning of the composition/scoring

    Your stylistic wishes, individual preferences, and our recording of the characters of your film/media purpose or the required mood and the emotions required for this will be dealt with very intensively. This ensures that we can really compose the work in such a way that it meets the emotions and atmosphere of your film or media in a way that is necessary for the film or media on the one hand and also suits you personally as our client in terms of taste.

  • Composition of the jointly discussed work

    taking into account the agreed criteria and specifications.

  • Also possible with a subsequent music production of the work on request

    see our menu music production for non-participating clients

  • Submission of the composition

    For composition and production together in audio format. When composing without production in note format.