• Analysis of the voice of the respective singer

    If the singer is not yet known, the strengths of the respective singer and his vocal abilities are jointly determined. A well-written song will not help a singer if his voice does not match the song or if his singing is technically overwhelmed. In compositions for bands, not only the singer but also the individual musicians are taken into account when composing the song in order to bring their strengths in the composition to full advantage, so that every band member should get their money's worth.

  • Personal consultation and joint planning of the commissioned composition.

    Here, both stylistic wishes of the singer are taken into account if these are already available. If the music direction for the singer has not yet been determined, we will advise together in which direction the songs should go. Both the musical preferences of the singers and their vocal technical abilities are taken into account to make sure that the song is actually written in such a way that it is suitable for the individual singer, both in terms of voice and taste.

  •  Composition of the jointly discussed song

    taking into account the agreed criteria and specifications.

  • On request, also directly with an additional arrangement

    E.g. combined with a big band, orchestra or choir arrangement in the background.   

  •  Submission of the song

     In sheet music format with text and the associated chords, or as a recording instead.

  • Also possible with subsequent music production of the song on request 

    see the subpage Music production for singers and solo instrumentalists