Performing solo concerts is one of Dr. Vahid Matejko's great passions, along with composition and production.

In his solo piano concerts, not only Matejko's stylistically diverse virtuoso improvisations are unique. But besides pure piano performances he also expands the possibilities of the grand piano/piano by high-quality and rare sample sounds on a mini-keyboard with exotic tones, electric, oriental, Asian, African and other specially prepared sounds and sometimes microtones, adding new colors to the piano.

Here the multi-instrumentalist also plays simultaneously unique with the Persian flute Ney to the piano. There are also interludes with other instruments simultaneously to the grand piano and keyboard. There are also additional performances with the Persian string instrument Tar and other surprises.

Dr. Matejko also uses a loop station, with which he also records several instruments that he plays live in concert simultaneously, and then continues to record and improvise with other instruments over the previously played recordings.

Let yourself be enchanted with an exciting journey into the world of music of different cultures with spontaneous improvisations and original compositions with Balkan, Oriental, African, Asian influences and styles such as Klezmer, Flamenco, Tango, and many other musical delicacies mixed with European classical music, funk, jazz, blues, pop, fussion and other free spontaneous influences.

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Improvisation (Konzert-Mitschnitt) 

Jetzt Bist Du Frei (Vahid Matejko

Free Jazz Improvisation