"Vahid Matejko's music is unique in its combination of jazz and other musical genres. He skillfully incorporates instruments ranging from classical music to orchestral, picking up elements of dodecaphony and spectralism, among others. His intimate knowledge of the music of non-European cultures, especially Iranian music, informs his compositions. Matejko's soundscapes are intelligently crafted, atmospherically dense and vital. Listening to them is pure joy!"

Prof. Friederich Jäcker

(Professor of Artistic Composition, Cologne University of Music)

"Vahid Matejko is a great, extraordinarily creative and soulful composer and arranger, who also has an optimal command of his craft - especially regarding 'world music'."

Prof. Heiner Wiberny

(Ex Lead Saxophonist of the WDR Big Band Cologne and Professor of Jazz Saxophone).

Vahid ́s music is full of passion, mystery and pleasure. They are compelling, catchy and colorful compositions that reflect the original venues Vahid has already visited."

Prof. Keith Copeland

(Prof. of Jazz Percussion, has worked as a drummer for Bill Evans and Stevie Wonder, among others).

"Vahid Mateiko is one of the few composers who knows how to compose and arrange klezmer music in a new way, in his own very modern and unusual way, to make it accessible to a wider audience. The very interesting mixture, with strong influences of Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish and Oriental music cannot be ignored. Vahid bridges the gap between all these cultures and makes "his" klezmer music the world music of the soul. His music laughs and cries, laments and dances. And sometimes you have the feeling of being in one place in the world, then in another.

and sometimes you think that you have united all the places of the world in one of his melodies".

Prof. Igor Epstein

(Professor of Jazz and Director of the Academy of World Music in Cologne).

"The composer Vahid Matejko undertakes the difficult task of transferring an ensemble music to a classical solo instrument in a convincing manner with his original compositions and arrangements. He succeeds in capturing the special idiosyncrasies of this music."

Prof. Dr. Günther Noll

(Institute for European Ethnomusicology)

"These compositions are inspired by the tonal language of early polyphony and Gregorian chant, which has been a source of inspiration for countless composers throughout the history of Western music. It is important to Vahid Matejko to treat this tradition with respect and not to be content with beautiful sounds, but to convey a message in it. I am delighted with these chants, which are as appealing as they are challenging."

Dr. Emmanuela Kohlhaas

(PhD in musicology and lecturer at the University of Music in Cologne)

"Vahid Matejko penetrates into an in-between world between tradition and modernity, bringing us especially close to the odd meters (Aksak rhythms). It makes you want to join in right away. A gripping music with wonderful, interesting turns, rousing and stirring. A great joy to play and listen to."

Henner Diederich

(Chamber musician of the city of Essen, lecturer at the Cologne University of Music and at the University of Cologne).