We support singers, musician/soloist ensembles and bands, who want to start a serious career in the music business and pave the way for them.

But also ambitious amateurs are welcome.

In order to distinguish our clients from the masses and to offer you individuality/uniqueness, we create a special program for you.

This offers you the possibility of appearances, sound carrier sales and with it connected also the chance of a larger presence with more awareness.

In consultation with the clients, works or songs are written according to their musical preferences, wishes and musical abilities/strengths, which perfectly fit their voice or playing style of their instrument or their ensembles/staffing and are exclusively guaranteed to be unique.

We produce these works with the customers on request for them as a sound carrier. Depending upon budget the product can be kept simple or be arranged with first-class studio musicians by us.

In the future an in-house label is planned with which we can make the productions for our customers on their wish also for you in the trade available.