Current workshops will be announced here.

Bookings as a guest lecturer for a workshop or lecture for universities, music schools and other interested educational institutions or musical groups is also possible with appointment by arrangement.

The following workshops are offered by us for this purpose:

  • Composition and Arrangement Basics Workshop for Beginners
  • Composition and arrangement workshop for advanced students (focus by arrangement)
  • Composing for children and teenagers
  • Composing with world music influences of different cultures (styles/content by arrangement)
  • Jazz composition-arrangement
  • Harmony
  • Instrumentation/Orchestration
  • Introduction to the music notation program Finale
  • Music Production Workshop
  • Ethno Jazz Workshops
  • Klezmer Workshops on "Vahid Matejkos Klezmer Play-Alongs"
  • Tango Workshops on "Vahid Matejkos Tango Play-Alongs"
  • Balkan Musik Workshops

Further workshops with other subject contents are also possible on request.