We offer our services for music publishers who are active in the sheet music trade as well as for labels who sell exclusively sound carriers. We write music for your existing artists as interpreters, or we also offer you to write and produce music on certain topics of your choice, which you can distribute.


  • Compositions / arrangements and production for music books with play-along CDs for music publishers                                 We create our own compositions on request or arrange your existing Titles for a CD production, which we can also take over for you. See music production for non-participating clients.

  • Compositions with CD production for music labels without their own artists                                                                          on certain topics, such as meditative music or fitness music etc

  • Composition /songwritting arrangement and production for singers on your label from pop-rock to local folk, style according to specifications. See music production for singers and solo instrumentalists.

  •  Compose for all instrumental ensembles of the music groups on your label

    E.g. for orchestras, big bands, larger and smaller ensembles, brass bands, string ensembles, quartets, trios or duos. Exotic instrument lineups that do not include european musical instruments are just as welcome here as any individual line-up. Stylistically, we are open to all of our customers' wishes.

    Procedure for commissioned composition



  • Personal advice and joint planning of the commissioned composition  

    Here, both stylistic wishes, individual preferences of the label, and the strengths of the artist are addressed, if these are already available. If the music direction for the performers has not yet been determined, we will advise together with the artists and their label in which direction the compositions should go. Both the musical preferences and the technical skills and strengths of the members are taken into account to ensure that the work is actually written in such a way that it is technically and tastefully suitable for the individual artist and also meets the marketing criteria of the label.

  • Composition of the jointly discussed work

    taking into account the agreed criteria and specifications.

  • Submission of the composition

    In sheet music format (score and individual parts). In special cases also possible on CD.

  • Also possible with a subsequent music production of the work on request

    see our menu music production