Arrangement is the processing of already existing pieces. This includes not only the design of formal sequences, but also the elaboration of the work and also additions of new parts to the work, such as intros and endings or solo parts that offer individual soloists a place to improvise. Also included are: the elaboration of already existing melodies in polyphonic techniques, the distribution and additional composing of different parts for different participating instruments as well as the reharmonization of the work.

We offer both complete arrangements and partial arrangements such as


  • Choral movements
  • Background vocals
  • Brass parts
  • Strings
  • Instrumentation of works for your desired cast
  • Arranging works for orchestra or big band works
  • Arranging works for choral work
  • Arranging orchestral works or works for larger ensembles to suit your individual line-up
  • Reharmonization and instrumentation

  • Individual partial or complete arrangements for your music production