If you think you have the right nose for what kind of music hits will or can be in the future, but you lack the musical skills to write and produce them yourself, then you have come to the right place.

In consultation with you, we will compose music according to your stylistic wishes and then either produce it with singers of your choice (provided that their vocal performance is sufficient for this) or we will procure the necessary singers for you in addition to the studio musicians. It can also be purely instrumental music. You will receive this product from us both musically and sound-technically at the customary level for this. This means that you will receive your music product from us that is ready to be copied and sold. You can sell the product yourself or in cooperation with labels or other partners in the role of the owner of your product.

Process for composition and production


  • Personal consultation and joint planning of the commissioned composition

    Your ideas, ideas, stylistic wishes, and individual preferences will be dealt with. If you bring your own singers, we also take their strengths and/or weaknesses into account. If the genre of music for your interpreter has not yet been determined, we will advise you and your artist in which direction the compositions should go. Both the musical preferences and the technical skills and strengths of their singers are taken into account in order to make sure that the work is really written in such a way that it suits them as individual artists. If you do not have your own artist, we are of course totally free in your wishes, as we will then hire the right voice for you.

  • Composition of the jointly discussed work

    taking into account the agreed criteria and specifications.

  • Also possible with a subsequent music production of the work on request                             see our menu music production

  • Delivery in audio format as CD for the press shop or as Mp3 for online sales